Why do we buy cheap herbal tea in bulk?

It is the perfect drink for a rainy day or a hot summer’s evening.

It has a calming, cooling effect and is a good way to kick off a hot, hot day.

But the herbal tea sold at some supermarkets in Australia has a reputation for being made in China, and that is not true at all.ABC Fact Check looks at the science and the truth behind these herbal tea claims.

Read moreThe Health Products Australian Council, which represents wholesalers and retailers, has said that there are no differences between the quality and quantity of herbal tea available at some of its outlets.

But we can’t buy any herbal tea at the stores.

The Health Product Association of Australia, which has a separate, non-profit body to represent the health product industry, has previously said there were no differences in quality or quantity of any herbal products sold at the outlets.

The organisation’s vice-president, Dr Michael Cavanagh, said the association was unaware of any differences.

He said there was a lack of transparency around the supply chain and the quality of products sold by the stores to consumers.

“It is our understanding that some herbal products are sourced from overseas and not necessarily sourced locally,” Dr Cavanaugh said.

“We’re also aware of some local herbal products being sold by some local businesses in the state that are not sourced from the region.”

The Health Protection Association of NSW, which is also a member of the Association of Australian Retailers, said it was not aware of any difference between the ingredients in some herbal tea products.

“All herbal tea is made from the dried leaves of certain plants and plants species,” a spokeswoman for the organisation said.

The spokeswoman said it would be up to individual store managers to ensure that they were sourcing their own herbal tea ingredients.