Which brand of blood pressure pills are available to buy in Australia?

A brand of medicines that uses a blood pressure cuff that contains a gene for an enzyme that helps to slow the rate at which blood pressure drops may be available in Australia, but the Australian Health Minister says there’s a “risk” that people might not be aware of the risks of taking the medicine.

“In a few weeks we’ll have the chance to talk to the health professionals and say, ‘Can we do this?

Can we make sure that people understand the risk that they’re taking?””

If we’re not able to do that then the Government will take action to ensure that it’s done properly.”

Health Minister Peter Dutton told the ABC’s AM program he expected to talk about the potential for the drug in Australia in the coming days.

He also said the Government was working to ensure all drugs available to Australians are tested before they are prescribed in Australia.

The ACT Government announced in May that all medicines in its system that contain a gene from the B cell receptor were to be tested before being prescribed.

Drugs to treat hypertension were also subject to the same testing, with the ACT Government saying in a statement the testing had begun and results showed there was “no evidence” of any risk to public health.

Health warnings have also been issued in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, with a number of health warnings in the New South Wales, Western Victoria and Northern Territory.

Australian Medical Association chief executive Mark Williams told the Sydney Morning Herald that the Australian Medical Association was concerned the testing would result in people being confused about whether their medication was safe or effective.

“If the tests don’t come back positive then we may find out the drug doesn’t work,” he said.

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