What is Chattanooga’s ‘Q’ Health?

Health products are the top two biggest categories for Chattanooga residents. 

Q is the local version of QI. 

Its goal is to provide affordable, reliable health care to people of all ages, income levels, and needs. 

For more than a decade, Q has been the go-to for people in the Chattanooga area to seek out the best quality health care available. 

We offer comprehensive wellness services, and are the leader in wellness and health care in the region. 

If you need a wellness plan that meets your needs, look no further. 

With Q, you can access quality health insurance, secure a free and confidential quote, get a free, personalized quote, or make an appointment with a certified healthcare professional. 

The Q Health Plan offers health insurance for adults and seniors who have income up to 150% of the federal poverty level ($46,000 for a single person, $93,000 to a family of four) and coverage for all of their medically necessary services. 

Health benefits vary based on age, gender, health, and medical condition. 

You can learn more about QHealth here.