‘We Need You’ Music Video Is Just What It Looks Like, But Why We Need You

In an interview with Billboard, singer/songwriter/guitarist Michael Lutz revealed his music video for “We Need…,” which premiered at the 2015 MTV VMAs.

“We just did a song and it was a really big song,” he said.

“It was a great video, and we just wanted to make it a really cool video.

So we just did an amazing video.

It’s a video for our next album.”

Lutz also revealed that his band, Manna Health Products, is working on new music videos.

“They’re working on a lot of new songs,” he shared.

“But, you know, the reason we did this is we really wanted to do this.

It just felt like it was right.

It was just a really fun thing to do.

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell a story that’s really emotional and personal.

It had a lot to do with, we had all the girls that we wanted to, and the idea of us coming together as a family, and doing something really cool and emotional for our fans.”

“We’ve always loved video games and music.

It made sense for us to do a video in the game world.

It would be like, ‘Wow, we got to do something in the world of video games, and there’s nothing better than that,'” Lutz added.

“And we think that music video is really just the most exciting way to do it.

So, I think we’re going to see a lot more of this kind of thing in the future.”

Watch the video for the new “We Are Manna” music video below.