UK retailer RIO is to start selling the vaginal health product declaration

RIO Health products, which were last sold by Amazon in the UK, will be sold in the United Kingdom in January, it has been announced.

The product declaration allows women to make a full declaration on whether they want to buy a product, and also allows them to see the company’s full health information.

The UK is one of a handful of countries that have introduced the product declaration and RIO said it would begin selling it in the country in early March.

“It is a major step forward in empowering women to know what they are buying when they go to the supermarket, and is another step to provide them with the tools to make informed choices about their health,” said RIO founder and CEO Sarah Stokes.

“We are excited to offer our women the choice to make an informed decision about our health products that will benefit their entire family.

The announcement follows a similar move by Target in January 2017 to begin selling the declaration on its site.

This article was updated on February 25 to include a statement from RIO.