UK health products maker L’Oreal says its generic drugs are ‘safe’ and ‘well tested’

LONDON — L’Oremel has announced it has found its generic medicines are “safe” and “well tested”, despite claims that some of its products contain the potentially harmful chemical thiourea.

The company said on Wednesday that it has issued a recall for products containing thiocyanate, which can cause serious eye damage, and said it will be contacting consumers and suppliers who have received the recall notices.

L’Oréal said in a statement that its generic medicine products “are being recalled because they contain a thiomethylated hydroxycinnamate product that may contain a small quantity of thiocaalactone (a chemical used in the manufacture of thioctic acid).”

Thiocyne is a toxic compound that is used in thioacetic acid (TAA) cosmetics and other personal care products.

L’Orèal said the products were distributed by its distribution network and are “not suitable for use in humans.”

The company added that it had not found any evidence of safety issues with its product.

Liam O’Donovan, L’oreal’s director of strategic marketing and public affairs, said the recall would be effective as of Monday, adding that the company is working with regulators to find out if there are any problems with the product.

L”It is extremely disappointing that some manufacturers have continued to supply their products in a manner which does not adhere to the highest standards of safety and efficacy for their products,” he said in the statement.

The U.K. government and U.S. government agencies have been calling for a nationwide recall of the products since February, but the FDA has been unable to do anything on the issue.

Lofra said it was working with the FDA and other relevant agencies to determine whether any further actions are necessary.