The full list of ‘precautionary measures’ that have been put in place to protect children’s health

A list of precautionary measures put in effect by the government in India is expected to be published on Monday.

A government statement said the list would “help the country avoid the tragedy of the nuclear disaster”.

It said that the new government would ensure that the country was “prepared for the worst-case scenario”.

The list of measures has been drawn up in consultation with experts in the field of safety and has been put on the ministry’s website.

The list contains measures to ensure the safety of the population and the environment, including the development of a national strategy for preventing the spread of diseases, and a national program to educate and inform people about the health risks of drinking water, sanitation, air pollution, and other important factors.

It is expected that the government will also announce a new plan to reduce exposure to nuclear radiation.

In February last year, India suffered a major nuclear accident that killed more than 1,100 people, mainly children, and left millions more in harm’s way.