Suncore Health Products returns in FDA complaint, claims the sunscreen is not effective

Suncore products include Suncare, a sunscreen formulated with zinc oxide and copper sulfate, as well as Suntech, a zinc-free sunscreen.

In a federal complaint filed in the US District Court for the District of Delaware, the company alleged that Suntech is a dangerous sunscreen.

The sunscreen’s ingredient list included zinc oxide, copper sulfates, and zinc oxide derivatives, the complaint alleges.

Suntech also claims that the sunscreen’s formula contains ingredients that can cause dermatitis, burns, and skin cancer, according to the complaint.

Suncore is also claiming that Suncore’s sunscreen ingredients “do not provide adequate protection against UVB-B radiation and may adversely affect skin health.”

In a statement, Suncore spokesperson Mark Zinger said the sunscreen was made to protect against the sun’s harmful UVB rays and that the FDA was investigating Suncore for claims that it is not a sunscreen.

“Suncore has worked tirelessly to address concerns surrounding the sunscreen ingredients and the FDA’s recent investigation.

Suncare has not been contacted by the FDA,” Zinger wrote.

“While we continue to work with FDA on a resolution, we believe Suntech has made a valid point about Suntech’s products being harmful to skin and will continue to respond appropriately to their concerns.”