PM Modi’s brand of ‘purity’ health products in India: PM Modi

A new health product brand called ‘Purity’ is set to hit the Indian market soon, a government official said on Wednesday, a move likely to boost PM Modi and his administration’s reputation as a leading health brand in the world.

“We will launch the product on July 31.

We are in discussions with a number of partners and are preparing to launch the new product,” said Nirmala Sitharaman, director-general of the National Health Insurance Corporation (NHAIC), which runs India’s health insurance scheme.

The new product is expected to be a mix of the government’s PDS and PPS products.

“We have identified a few partners who have been interested in this initiative and we will launch it in the coming days,” Sitharama said, adding that the company has already submitted a proposal for the approval of the new products.

The PM and NHAIC are part of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government.

Modi is one of its most popular politicians, and his brand of health products has been a cornerstone of the country’s health system.

In 2016, India saw a spike in infections among women aged over 40 due to a rise in the number of PDS products, especially in the Northeast and parts of the Western Ghats region.

PM Modi, who has championed the need for health, has sought to boost the number and quality of PPS-based products as well.