‘Orca’ products are safe for babies

Medical marijuana patients are reporting a variety of products are helping them stay hydrated.

Dr. Eric T. Johnson, a pediatrician and former deputy chief medical officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview with Fox News that children are also using marijuana-infused products for nutritional benefits.

He said the products include baby formula, milk, and even water for toddlers.

“They’re doing some of the same things we do with vaccines, with antibiotics, with everything that is used to help protect the baby,” Johnson said.

“I mean, we have all kinds of things that are helping us stay hydrate.”

Dr. John C. Daugherty, a cardiologist and director of the department of pediatric cardiology at Johns Hopkins University, said the medical marijuana market is growing exponentially.

“The demand is just so large,” Daugyer said.

Daugherty said a growing number of doctors and other health professionals are recommending patients use the products, and he’s seeing a lot of parents asking their pediatrician to prescribe the products.

He added that parents are also starting to use the medical products to help with chronic pain, nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms associated with cancer.

“If you’re pregnant, it may help with nausea,” Daughherty said.

“There are some babies that are not getting painkillers or opioids, so it may be an option to help them stay on top of their dose.”

Daugreybs recommendation, Daugher said, is that a child’s parents or caregivers make sure the child is not consuming marijuana before it is ready to use.

“I would encourage people to talk to their pediatricians or pediatricians’ assistants,” Daghberts advice.