Kenza has acquired health products maker,merges with Meritech

Meritech has been acquired by Kenza in a deal worth $6 billion.

Kenza has been a pioneer in the health care sector, and Meritech is known for developing and manufacturing medical devices and medical equipment.

The combined company will be able to focus on growing its existing product portfolio, which includes products in the medical device, diagnostic, and monitoring fields.

Meritech will continue to manufacture health products for Kenza and other Kenza brands, according to the company.

Kenzas health products will be distributed to a number of hospitals in the U.S. and Canada.

Meridian Medical Products is a specialty pharmaceutical company that manufactures a variety of drugs, diagnostics, and treatments for patients.

Kenzi’s acquisition comes on the heels of a $8 billion takeover of HealthTrex by Amgen and a $2 billion takeover by Pfizer.