How to keep your diabetes under control with newCo Health’s new insulin pump

NewCo Health Inc., a health care provider that has grown out of a small New York City company, is adding a new product to its insulin pump lineup: a device called a Glucagon, designed to help people control the diabetes that is growing in their bodies.

The new insulin pumps have a 3-D-printed case and come with an integrated insulin pump for the first time, according to NewCo spokeswoman Nicole Wiebelschutz.

The pump is powered by a battery that has been built into the pump, Wiebschutz said.

NewCo sells the pump in two sizes: a compact and a full-sized model.

The compact is designed for people with a weight of under 75 pounds, while the full-size model can hold up to about 250 pounds, she said.

The pump is designed to work with the new insulin from NewCo, Wieschutz added.

The insulin is injected into a syringe that attaches to a small pump.

Wieschultz said the insulin pumps can be used for a wide range of things, from weight loss to managing the effects of diabetes.

She said that people who are overweight can be helped with a lower dose of the insulin because of the weight loss it could bring to their blood sugar.

“We can help people with type 2 diabetes and people with insulin resistance, because they have both types,” Wieschnutz said, noting that there are also types of diabetes and insulin resistance.

The pumps are also designed to be easily accessed and carry a warning that the insulin is a diabetic drug.

Wiebschnutz wouldn’t disclose how much NewCo was charging for the insulin but said it was around $75 per dose.

The company is currently accepting preorders for the new pump.