How to get a free sample of your favourite brand of health products

The best-selling brands are in a strong position to get free samples of their products at major retailers this Christmas, with most of them having the opportunity to showcase their wares during the big events. 

Ahead of the Christmas holidays, retailers have already announced the availability of products like Advil, Gatorade, Adore, Kiwi, Nike, Alberto Zacche, André Apparel, Coca Cola and Lloyd’s. 

But there are plenty of other options that are available, including  Cleveland Clinic’s  Pinnacle  health products range, which also have the opportunity for a free samples.

 These include:Airlines have also announced free samples from some of the biggest players in the travel industry.

Citigroup, American Airlines and Virgin America will all have a free bottle of their  Merry Go Round  travel-sized gift.

More to come.

The Lancaster City, PA-based chain is also offering up a limited number of free samples on select items.

Its products include  Jamaican  Tampons and  Lanai  Shoes, as well as a Jawbone  Chore Shoe. 

It’s not just retailers that are selling off their Christmas wares; the Lakeside Health Labs in New York City will also offer up a handful of free gift cards for some of their merchandise.