How Shaklee Health Products is changing the way consumers buy health products

AUSTIN — Shakleshake Health Products, Inc. said Tuesday it is changing how consumers buy energy products with a new health product platform that includes more than 40 new products that can help them stay active and improve their health.

The company said it is the first to offer energy products on its website for the first time.

Shakley Health Products has more than $400 million in sales and more than 6,000 employees in Austin.

“This is a game changer,” Shakleys chief executive officer, Chris Shaker, said in a statement.

“Shaklee’s new energy products platform allows us to bring the best products from the Shakle family to our customers.”

We know that the Shakers are one of the most trusted brands in the health and fitness industry.

We are excited to be the first in the nation to offer these new energy product offerings.

“Shaker said the Shaker brand has been a global leader in the energy field for more than 30 years.

The brand also has a strong reputation in the fitness and wellness industry.”

This platform brings the best energy products and the Shaks, through their dedicated team, is ready to take this to the next level,” Shaker said.

ShakerHealth products will be available through its own website starting Monday.

The company said the energy products range will include “personal care and lifestyle products,” including a skin care line, a massage therapy line, and a wellness line.

Shakley is the latest company to offer health products for sale on the Shakes website.

Health products companies including Shaker Health Products have had a presence on the site since 2010.

Shakes has more customers on its site than any other company in the country.