HorizonHealth products to close its retail stores in the UK

HorizonHealth will close its UK retail stores by the end of the year, the company said on Wednesday.

The retailer has said it will shut down all its UK stores, including its headquarters in the city of Birmingham, by the middle of April.

It is closing its flagship flagship stores in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Leeds.

HorizonHealth said it planned to start “operational restructuring” of its UK business, which includes its flagship store in Birmingham, in April.

The chain said the closure of its Birmingham store and the closure to its Leeds and London stores would affect more than 400 people.

“Our UK retail operations will remain closed until mid-April, and will be replaced by the company’s global headquarters,” HorizonHealth Chief Executive Paul Rutter said.

“This will provide a better customer experience for our customers and ensure that we are always in the market for the very best products, at the best prices.”

HorizonHealth will also be “shipping” products from its headquarters to new locations in the US, it said.

“We will be working with our US business partners to secure the highest possible quality and safety standards for our products and products in the United States, and we will continue to ensure that our products meet the highest standards for safety,” Rutter added.

In a statement, HorizonHealth called on customers to continue to make their shopping experiences as safe as possible.

“We are proud to have served our customers over the past four years and we hope that you will continue in this way,” it said, adding that it would continue to work closely with health authorities and the government to improve customer safety and quality of life.

Horizon Health is the largest health and beauty retailer in the world, with a total turnover of more than $20 billion.

Shares in HorizonHealth closed at $15.56 on Wednesday, up 0.6pc on the day.

In a similar move, Valeant Pharmaceuticals also plans to shut its UK branch by the year’s end.

The company said it would be taking “immediate steps” to close the UK branch.

Its announcement came days after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced it was launching an investigation into Valeant’s Australian retail practices, which Valeant denies are discriminatory.

Valeant said it had received a series of complaints about the way it was running its UK operations.

The ACCC is seeking evidence from the retailer about whether its “discrimination” practices amounted to an unfair business practice.