Hollywood Health Products ‘NewCo’ logo: Why you should care

The new CO-HAB logo is the product’s latest attempt to be more inclusive, which includes an inclusion of the word “Co”.

 It also represents an acknowledgement of the fact that CO-Health products are designed to treat CO-related conditions, rather than to treat any specific disease.

 However, it’s not without controversy.

The logo has been criticised for being too similar to the logo of the anti-CO group COVID-19, with the word CO being surrounded by an asterisk.

More: Hollywood Health Products has pulled its CO-Co logo from its website, after being criticised by a leading anti-co-hormone campaigner. 

However the new logo still appears on its website in a similar form, albeit with the “Co” logo removed.

The new CO logo has sparked a backlash, with critics claiming the logo is a sign of corporate greed.

A petition calling for a boycott of the new CO products has received more than 1,400 signatures.

This new logo has drawn strong criticism on social media.

Critics of the logo also argue that it’s too similar, to the “COVID-2020” logo.

There have been complaints from those who feel the new logo is an affront to CO-Care, and for its inclusion of CO-harms, such as asthma and cancer.

Co-Hormone is an abbreviation for coagulase-negative, which is the process by which the body releases the chemicals in the blood that cause CO-infection. 

The new logo includes an asterisks to indicate that it is not a “Co-Health” product, and it also says: “This product is not CO-Controlled, nor endorsed by any industry association.” 

Co-Co is the first CO-based product approved for sale in the UK, which means it can treat CO and has the potential to be a valuable CO-friendly treatment option.