Hawaii’s new health sensors are changing the world

Hawaii’s health sensors have captured the imaginations of tech geeks and health experts around the world, and now the technology is being applied in the real world.

The new sensors can detect and measure a person’s heartbeat and blood pressure, and transmit that data wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet.

They’re being deployed in hospitals and clinics, including in the U.S., where the first Hawaii sensor has been installed in Honolulu.

The Hawaii sensors, which cost about $2,500 each, are used in health clinics across the state, where a nurse could record the patient’s heart rate and monitor her breathing.

A nurse would then be able to tap into the data for a personalized diagnosis and treatment.

The sensors were first unveiled last year in Hawaii and the first unit was installed in a public health clinic in Waikiki.

Hawaii officials said the sensors can be used in the field to help track cases of influenza, a coronavirus that is spreading rapidly across the island.