Eiffel, French company launches new pet-friendly smartwatches

French company eiffel announced Wednesday it will launch a smartwatch called the PetSmart, which will include a motion sensor that automatically turns on when a pet is nearby.

It’s a smartwatcher that will allow you to keep tabs on your pets, the company said.

“We’re creating a device that is connected to the internet, and it’s a pet-aware smartwatch,” said Eiffelein President Christian Gagnon.

“And we think that will make the experience more fun, more convenient, more engaging.”

The PetSmart will come with a camera and microphone, along with a compass that you can use to find your pets.

The PetSmart is currently only available in France and Germany, but the company is aiming to expand the market to other markets, including Japan.

Gagnon said the PetShelter is currently the most popular pet-sharing app in France, and that PetSmart aims to create a similar experience with its PetSmart app.

For now, you can expect to see PetSmart in stores, but it will be rolled out in future markets, he said.

Eiffel has been working on pet-tracking technology for years, including in its popular Eiffle line of smartwares.

The company partnered with French company Nest Labs to develop the PetSense app for pet owners.

That app now has over 4 million users, according to Nest.

Eiffeleins PetSmart features a motion sensing sensor, a battery life that lasts for up to three days, and the ability to record a video feed every 20 minutes.

In addition to the Pet Smart, eiffeleinsts PetSmart can track dogs, cats, and other pets as well.