Chinese medicine company purium hopes to expand its purification capabilities

New York (CNN) Purium Pharmaceuticals is the largest Chinese pharmaceutical company, with more than 10,000 employees, and it’s about to roll out a new product that could change the way you get your medicines.

The company has developed a unique polymer that it’s calling the PurePurine, and the polymer is made up of the same ingredients found in the purification products of China’s other major pharma players.

It’s called the PureBioPurePure and it promises to “make purification more efficient and safer,” according to Purium.

The new polymer was invented by Purium’s CEO and its Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Zhongyun Li, and will be launched in phases starting next year.

It will be the first purified bio-medicine to be available in the United States, where the drug industry is still struggling to recover from the massive pandemic.

The BioPurePure polymer is a combination of three compounds found in purification of animal products.

The first is the purified form of a protein called Purin.

It is the same protein found in some animal protein supplements.

The second is the purified form of another protein called Glycine, which is also found in many animal proteins.

The third compound is the pure form of Purin, which can also be used to make other purified proteins.

According to the company, Purium will use the PurePure polymer to produce a series of purified peptides called PureBio-PurePure.

These peptides are intended to be ingested, used to treat illness, and/or given to patients in order to help eliminate chronic disease.

In the coming months, Purum is planning to roll the Pure-BioPure polymer into two different products, a purification tablet for patients and a purifier that will be made into an inhaler.

The inhaler will be able to produce up to 500 mg of pure Purin per inhaler dose.

The tablet is designed to be swallowed with a spoon and will then be mixed with water to help dissolve the product.

The PureBio PurePure tablet will cost $150 for a 10-pack and the inhaler, which will be $250, will cost around $100.

The company also plans to launch a patent-pending, bio-based drug that will make use of the Pure BioPure polymer.

Purium’s PureBioPurity tablets are expected to be in the pipeline by the end of the year.

The PureBio Purity inhaler is scheduled for release in 2020, and a BioPure-Purity inhalation device is planned for 2021.