A little less than one-third of American adults have used sex toys

A little more than one in five Americans say they’ve used sex products at least once in their lifetime, according to a new survey.

The Associated Press found the findings are consistent with findings from other surveys of sex workers.

A 2016 survey found the average time to use sex toys was five years and one-fifth of respondents reported they used sex toy during that time.

The survey, which surveyed nearly 4,000 people between June 8 and July 10, found that 42% of respondents said they had used sex-related products in their lifetimes, while 25% said they’d used them for at least three years and 10% reported having used them more than once.

The AP’s survey also found that the average length of time someone has been using sex toys is two years and 18 months.

That is, one in four people have been using them for more than a year.